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The One and Only MDS Bat

Each bat is made of quality, northern hard maple wood and northern birch. The bat is individually turned on a hydraulic lathe and hand sanded before removing. Each bat goes through quality control to check for any defects. The bat is spray painted (not dipped) with premium finishes and hand sanded between each coat. After the bat is finished drying, logos and striping are applied by hand.

Each bat is weighed, and the model number are engraved on the barrel end. If you are looking for a quality bat, you can not go wrong with a MDS BASEBALL BAT!


What our customers are saying:

"MDS Baseball Bats are Amish hand turned and American made. MDS is an experienced bat manufacturer with over 40 years of woodworking and the ability to select the very best wood. The bats are built with quailty and lasting durability in mind. Wood for every bat is hand selected from the finest wood available. Great company!" -Ivan