MDS Baseball Bats & Fungos. Amish turned and American hand made of pro quality hard Maple & Birch to MLB standards. Don't buy left-overs from other wood bat companies; buy the bats that the pros want to use.


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The One and Only MDS Wood Baseball Bat & Fungo

 Made in the USA, swung worldwide!

Each MDS wood baseball bat is hand made of pro quality hard maple or birch, from split billets made to MLB standards. You can design, and customize your own baseball bat or fungo as well! MDS Baseball Bats prides itself on delivering only professional quality wood baseball bats to every customer! Our unique bat profiles are setting new standards as the ones other manufactures are trying to copy!

Each billet is hand made, selected and weighed for the proper profile prior to being ready for cutting.  The baseball bat is individually turned on a hydraulic lathe and hand sanded before removing for finishing. Every baseball bat and fungo goes through quality control to check for any defects. The wood bat is spray painted (not dipped) with premium finishes and hand sanded between each coat. After the baseball bat is finished drying, logos and striping are applied by hand. Personalized or team engraving can then be added at your request.



Each wood baseball bat and fungo is weighed and cupped to achieve the desired weight. Our high quality adult wood bats are designed for a -3 weight differential within +/- 1 ounce and our fungos are -10 to -14. While these are our standard differentials we can also customize weights. The MDS model number is laser engraved on the barrel end. All professional bats are ink dropped and logged by number as well as the logo placed on the face grain as per MLB baseball bat regulations. All of our adult wood baseball bats meet all Major League Baseball bat quality regulations. No matter your level of play, we believe every customer deserves professional quality!


If you’re looking for the best professional quality wood bat or fungo, you can’t go wrong with an MDS Baseball Bat!  Don't settle for the bats that are left over from the professionals by other bat companies, own your professional grade MDS Baseball Bat.